Surgery on the chest is sometimes a necessity in treating a variety of very serious conditions. But there are new cutting-edge options to reduce complications and recovery time. Minimally invasive thoracic surgery is a way of operating on the chest with the assistance of a video camera.

The benefits of minimally invasive thoracic surgery are numerous. Traditional thoracic surgery requires a long incision, while minimally invasive thoracic surgery requires two to four very small incisions. They are just big enough to insert the camera and instruments. This allows the patient to have a much faster, less painful recovery process.

Minimally invasive thoracic surgery also does not require the ribs to be cracked. In traditional thoracic surgery, the ribs must be spread open with a Finochietto retractor. This usually results in fractures along the rib cage and can increase a patient’s recovery time and general level of pain. Surgeons might even remove sections of the rib to reduce the chance of breaks. Today, surgeons are not bound to the use of a retractor. The video camera allows them to bypass the ribs, while effectively entering the chest cavity.

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