Suffering from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) may seem like a minor problem to those who do not suffer from the condition, but to the thousands who are affected every day, hyperhidrosis can be a difficult obstacle. Most often, hyperhidrosis presents itself through excessive sweating in areas of the body that are difficult to conceal, such as the hands.

While sweaty palms have long affected the lives of people living with the condition, there are now ways to permanently stop the condition. Understanding both the causes and solutions to hyperhidrosis can help everyone make informed choices concerning their treatment plan.

The Reasons Behind Hyperhidrosis

Sweating is a natural part of how the body reacts to both physical and mental stress. This reaction is controlled by a group of nerves that run through the back of the chest cavity, signaling when sweat should be produced. However, when this sympathetic nerve chain produces signals for sweating too often or in excess of the proper amount, excess sweat can crop up during any and all daily situations.

Because of advancements in treatment options and a thorough understanding of what causes hyperhidrosis, putting an end to excessive sweating is more possible than ever. By understanding the solutions, you can be equipped to make the best choice for improving your everyday life.

Today’s Skilled Treatments for Excessive Sweating

Modern advancements in hyperhidrosis treatment have resulted in several possible solutions to excessive sweating. While each person’s needs are unique to his or her situation, these options allow for individualized treatment.

treatment for sweaty palmsHyperhidrosis medications are able to reduce mild symptoms and can be a temporary solution while patients choose what more permanent treatment is right for them. Botox injections into the areas affected by excessive sweating can block the secretion for fast relief. Frequently, a single Botox treatment will remain effective for as long as six months. Iontophoresis can specifically help sweating hands or feet by soaking the extremities in ionized minerals, but multiple at-home treatments are required each week.

However, minimally invasive hyperhidrosis surgery is the most effective and permanent way to end excessive sweating of the hands. Through this thoracic surgery, the sympathetic nerves are disrupted, eliminating their signals that cause the hands to sweat excessively.

Through the help of a skilled thoracic surgeon you can eliminate your palmar hyperhidrosis and put an end to embarrassing excessive sweating.

Finding Skilled Help for Hyperhidrosis

If you are experiencing excessive sweating of the hands that is taking a toll on your daily life, know that there is a solution to your condition. The team at West Coast Associates for Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery has helped countless patients put an end to their sweaty palms for good. To learn more about how we can help you, call 310.854.0909 or contact us online. Through an appointment with an experienced medical professional, you can find the best solution to your problem.